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What is Affiliate Network Marketing?

What is Affiliate Network Marketing?

by Tracey Hausel

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Affiliate Network Marketing is a blending of affiliate marketing and network marketing or MLM.

I hear you saying, “Okay, Tracey what’s affiliate marketing?” and “What’s network marketing?” Well, hold your horses, I’m getting ready to tell you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The affiliate in “affiliate network marketing” is the online version of giving someone a commission for getting a customer or a sale for someone else.

What is Network Marketing?

The network marketing in affiliate network marketing is a marketing structure that some companies use to sell their products. Some well known companies that use this structure are Avon, Tupperware, and Mary Kay. You, as a distributor, receive a commission on the sales you make. You also make a commission on the sales of your recruits.

Offline Example of a Commission

Let me give you an offline example of a commission.  When you go into a clothes store, have you ever noticed that the sales people flock to you? And when you say no thank you, they give you their name and to tell the clerk that they helped you?  Well, it’s more likely than not that they are going to get a commission from anything you buy.

Online Example of a Commission

So let’s turn this to the online affiliate marketing world. You read about a product on someone’s web page or blog. You click the link for the product and you go to the product’s sales page. If you buy that product, chances are the person that referred you there will get a commission.

Of course, with the 2009 FTC guidelines, there should be a disclosure somewhere telling you that the owner of the blog or website may get a commission.

What Does Affiliate Marketing Have to do with Network Marketing?

Now that you’ve learned about affiliate marketing, you’ll probably wondering what, why, and how does affiliate marketing have to do with network marketing.

If your reading this, you probably are already in a Network Marketing company or you’re thinking about it.

The biggest obstacle (Okay, confession time. My biggest obstacle and maybe yours too.) in making money in network marketing is getting leads.

Affiliate network marketing helps you gather those leads while also adding to your streams of income. If you’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money-That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not! by Robert Kiyosaki, then you know that one of the keys to financial success is to have many income streams. That way if one stream is taken away for some reason, you still will be making money form the other streams.

Here’s an example of how you combine the two together using Ann Sieg’s the Renegade System.

You get people to sign up for a free copy of The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto. When they do, their name and email is placed in the back end of the Renegade System.

Ta da! You’ve got a lead. Now, if your new lead buys The Network Renegade Marketer, you’ve even made money.

You just used affiliate marketing as way to get a lead for your network marketing business and you’ve been paid a commission.

What in the World is this Blog About?

This whole blog is about teaching you to use affiliate marketing as a way for you to generate lead and make money. I’ve made it sound easy, but it does take work. You’ll be learning new skill sets and implementing what you have learned.

This blog is divided into the following sections:

Network Marketing Affiliate Program
In this section you will learn about products you can promote. If I’ve written about it, I’ve bought and used it or someone I highly trust and respect has done so.

Attraction Marketing
This section teaches you about the law of attraction and how it works in marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Training
Here, you will learn the different methods you can use to market affiliate (or even your own) products.

Social Network Marketing
This section will discuss the various aspects of Web 2.0 and how you can (and should not) use it to promote products and yourself. 

What Do You Want to Learn from this Blog?

Share with us in the comments section what you want to learn about affiliate Network Marketing from this blog.

P.S. Please share this article with your social friends on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social accounts you use.

P.P.S. You guessed it. If you click on a product or service from this blog and then buy that product or service, I will probably make a commission.

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  • Affiliate marketing also is beneficial to the merchant. By placing advertising on websites all over the Internet, the merchant can attract customers and doesn’t have to pay unless or until results are achieved. The more websites with which a merchant is affiliated, the more exposure the products or services get.

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  • Nice way to explain what really Network Marketing is..

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