Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Independence Day. I’ve been thinking about what Independence Day means to me. Of course, it means our Independence from Great Britain. But what else does it mean?

To me it means that you all have the freedom of entrepreneurship. In this country you can start a business. Pretty much any business without much fuss. But you’re not guaranteed of success. That’s okay. You can learn a lot from your failures.

One of the things I’ve learned about my business is that I need to get more comfortable with communicating. Yep, I’m a chicken. However, you and I can how to better communicate in our business. In fact, CHIPPEWA/チペワ メンズ 5Sインチ(高さ) ツートン スェードブリッジマン メンズブーツ 【US7/JP25.0】 (チョコレート) 【本皮】【レザーシューズ】【レザーブーツ】【ワークブーツ】【レッドウィング】【米国ウィスコンシン州チペワ】【クラフトマンシップ】【高品質

John Milton Fogg he is the King of communication and the author of the bestselling “The Greatest Networker in the World”.

And guess what? You get to join us for Free this Tuesday, July 6th to hear him teach us all about Super Simple Business Communication.

There might be a little problem though. There are only 200 places available for this call. So unless you get on early, you’re gonna miss out big time.

Here’s the deets.

414 944-0004
Pass code 9774024#
July 6th at 9pm Eastern
I hope to see you there.

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Have you been attending Diane Hochman’s Home and Small Business Worlds Free Tuesday calls?
No? Well, Don’t miss this week. Tonight (June 29, 2010) at 8pm Eastern, Diane and gang will be teaching us all how to create simple marketing funnels.
I heard she even plans on using a victim….I mean a volunteer to demonstrate how simple […]

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Do you know someone who is Happy for No Reason even when the life is going downhill? Don’t hate that person. Learn how to do it for yourself. Read more to learn how.

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If you’re new to the internet or even if you are not so new to the internet you’ve probably heard of social media. You may have even asked yourself or others the question, “What is Social Media?”
When I sat down to write this article, I realized that I had no clue how to put the […]

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What is Renegade Marketing? Good question. Renegade Marketing is the application of attraction marketing as recommended by Ann Sieg of The Renegade Network Marketer and Mike Klingler, founder of Renegade Professional. It also includes the community of marketers that have grown up
around their teachings.
What is attraction marketing? Well, that is where you attract leads to […]

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