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About Tracey

About Tracey

by Tracey Hausel

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Hi my name is Tracey Hausel and I am from Wilmington, Delaware in the United States.

I am a teacher, school psychologist,  educational consultant, speaker, and an internet business coach, trainer and consultant. I have always loved helping others and I loved the concept of a business. I began to attend the stockholder meetings of a family run amusement park.

After I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education in 1993, I began teaching. Then, I married mycollege sweetheart, Rob, in 1996.

After a rough four years working with difficult populations, my depression and anxiety only worsened until I had to seek counseling and medication to help bring me back to myself.

In 1997 I left classroom teaching and became an independent contractor offering my tutoring services to individual students and small groups.

In 2004 I graduated with a Masters of Science in school psychology and began to offer my testing services privately as an educational diagnostician.

Throughout the time I was in graduate school I helped a private educational company qualify as a supplemental service provider for the No Child Left Behind program. I, also, served as a trainer and speaker on educational methodologies and learning disabilities.

As the economy worsened, my referrals for educational consultancy diminished. Many families were not able to pay for private educational testing.

As my income decreased, I knew I must have more streams of income so I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. I took his advice and began looking for a way to start a business.

I knew that the internet was the way to market and found “The Renegade Network Marketer” by Ann Sieg, Renegade University, Renegade Professional, and Renegade Breakthrough. I learned about internet marketing and online business.

I am currently working with a group of Renegade Breakthrough Interns on a business project. I am also enrolled in Renegade Professional’s Coaching Cognition course. When it is finished I will be a certified coaching cognition coach.

My expertise is in helping people who want to start a business online.

I do this by showing you how to:

* create a central hub for your business
* how to start communicating with your customers through email and social media
* how to set up a sales page
* determine what type of content to put on your central hub
* how to attract prospects to you instead of you chasing your prospect.

I use my experience as a school psychologist and a teacher, to teach my clients about an entrepreneur’s mindset and to teach them individual skills needed to promote their businesses online.

I believe there is no such thing as perfection. You will only get to be a better marketer by actually marketing. The most important step is just to start. Everything else can be tweaked from there.

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  •  Wow, that’s just how a woman should describe herself. I admire you now, Tracey. I wish I could share as much as you do… Being so many “things” at the same time isn’t really my expertise. I prefer to focus on just one career though. But, kudos to you!

  •  Hi Charlotte, thanks for the comment. I don’t post to this site much as I have http://traceylhausel.com. You’ll find more recent posts and info there.